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Using a non german TFS 2005 (Sharepoint Services 2.0) you will face the following limitations:
If you have not installed a german language pack for WSS you should install it to be able to instantiate the delivered WSS Template. If this is not a option for you you can also go ahead and change the template entry in WSSTasks.xml from <site template="V-Modell XT Template" language="1031" /> to <site template="VSTS_MSFAgile" language="1033" />. This will allow you instantiation. You will be missing the appropriate SharePoint services layout and Quicklinks but content will be instantiated correctly.

For TFS 2008 (SharePointServices 3.0) we have released an english V-Modell XT Template (with release 1.0.1), that you can just use right away. If you do that you must only change the language entry to language="1033".

The other issue you will face, is that you wont be able to edit the V-Modell templates in Process template editor while Template editor is online on TFS. Be sure to switch it offline, because V-Modell uses german field names that are not compatible with an englisch installation. Process Template Upload and Instantiation will work properly because TFS has intelligence to instantiate the german fields through their englisch representation. The only space where you will face this intensively will be Query field selection. There you will see a mixture of german and englisch fields. But this doesn't make problems to functionality, it is only optical.

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