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As you know Team System is a powerfull what comes down to a appropriate level of system complexity. Our first release fully supports the german V-Modell® XT.

Level1 usage: As prerequisite you will need a german Team Foundation Server. You may use a non german TFS through following the instructions at limitations using a non german TFS.

The templates will work with Visual Studio 2005 TFS as well as with Visual Studio 2008 TFS. Be sure to install the according WSS Package out of the template folder.

Additionally please be sure to check that the client you use to do Team System Project creation has german regional settings!. Otherwise Default Work Item instantiation will fail. You can change these back after project creation.

Level2 usage: Generating own V-Modell XT - TFS Templates with the generator. The CollabXT for TFS Generators additionally requires .NET 2.0 runtime environment or above

Level3 usage: For changing generator source code you will additionally need Ruby as wll as the Visual Studio 2008 SDK for compiling the linker. Please be sure to carefully read the Readme file in DOC location for all details.

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