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Version 1.0.1

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Released: Jun 6, 2008
Updated: Jun 27, 2008 by MarcusAlt
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Example TFS Process Template
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Source Code
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Source Code
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Documentation CollabXT-TFS Quickstart.pdf
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Documentation README Release 1.0.1.txt
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Release Notes

Release 1.0.1 is our second full release of V-Modell® XT Generator including sources and a demo of a generated V-Modell® XT TFS Template.

This release contains differnt ZIP packages for the different possible usage scenarios Level 1-3.

We have added full support for TFS2008 including a valid SharePoint (WSS3.0) Template as well as a VS2008 compatible Linker. There are no further restrictions using TFS2008 with the current release 1.0.1. Additionally we made a few fixes: See a list of all fixes in "README Release 1.0.1.txt".

The Linker utility is now based on TFS 2008 Client bits. If you still use TFS2005 CLient please use linker from release 1.0. Template generator as well as templates both work on TFS2005.

Level1: You can just go ahead and download pregenerated V-Modell XT Process Template and use it right away in a TFS environment. Please have a very close look to Prerequisites before starting.
After Instantiating the V-Modell® XT Team Project be sure to use the TFSLinker utility delivered with the release. The Linker stablishes intensive linking between "Entscheidungspunkt", "Aktivität" and "Produkt" Work Items and delivers core value for out-of-the box usage of the instantiated Team Project.

You will only need Quickstart Guide (PPTX) (begin with slide 18) and the following ZIP files:
TFS Process Template

You have to install the WSS Template (see Quickstart) and then you can right away upload the process template you find in TFS Process Template After sucessfully instantiating a project use the Linker in to enable tracability Links in your new project.

Level2: You can get the fully functional generator and transform your tailored V-Modell® XT into a valid Team System Process Template, afterwards you just go ahead an instantiate it like a Level1 usage. Be sure to look into DOC\Readme before starting.

You will only need Quickstart Guide (PPTX) and the following ZIP files:

You don't need the ZIP: TFS Process Template because this is the one you will be generating.
Please follow the detailed instructions in the Quickstart Guide.

Additionally we deliver a release that includes Process Template Merging. Be aware that using the process template merge functionality will break V-Modell® XT conformity. If you need conformity you will have to get it through a assessment. More details see V-Modell XT website. Loosing conformity has nothing to do with the generator itself, this warning is due to the fact that merging in further process elements may break existing conformity if you do this without a clear understanding and with strict knowledge about the process change you affect.

If you want to use the process merging functionality please download the file instead of!

Level3: You can get the generator source code and change it for your specific requirements. We highly suggest, that you discuss your ideas with us beforehand, perhaps what you need is already in or in work.

You will need the following ZIP files:

Please follow instructions in README files!

Detail List of fixes for release 1.0.1. see: "README Release 1.0.1.txt"

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