CollabXT is out of date. New versions of V-Modell XT will be supported by PET (Process Enactment Tool Framework, provided by TU München). Please visit this site for new information.

Microsofts V-Modell® XT to Team Foundation Server Process Template Generator

Project Description

The “CollabXT for TFS” Project offers a generic way for transforming a V-Modell® XT Process into a valid Team Foundation Server Process Template . Therefore the project offers a generator to automate this step and a few tools to enable additional Visual Studio Team Foundation Se

The Generator was developed in cooperation between the following partners:

How to start:

The CollabXT V-Modell® XT generator project can be used by yourself in three different usage levels:

Level1: You can just go ahead and download pregenerated V-Modell® XT Process Template and use it right away in a TFS environment. Please have a very close look to Prerequisites before starting.
After Instantiating the V-Modell® XT Team Project be sure to use the TFSLinker utility delivered with the release. The Linker establishes intensive linking between "Entscheidungspunkt", "Aktivität" and "Produkt" Work Items and delivers core value for out-of-the box usage of the instantiated Team Project.

Level2: You can get the fully functional generator and transform your tailored V-Modell® XT into a valid Team System Process Template, afterwards you just go ahead an instantiate it like a Level1 usage. Be sure to look into DOC\Readme before starting.

Level3: You can get the generator source code and change it for your specific requirements. We highly suggest, that you discuss your ideas with us beforehand, perhaps what you need is already included or in work.

Documentation and information material

To get a fast overview and starting point please look at our Quickstart Guide. You can find it directly here as PPTX, PDF or XPS download.

You can also find additional information in german right here and correspondig documents please look on our project site at: ZFS
  • The documentation of the CollabXT-TFS concept (PDF only due to size limits, for Word and XPS visit ZFS)
  • A web cast that shows fist steps with CollabXT starting with V-Modell® XT walking through all steps to a first process template

In the Whitepaper Projektabwicklung mit dem Team Foundation Servers nach V-Modell XT you can find a complete overview starting with project reflection and a V-Modell® XT Quick-Overview, going into Team Foundation Server benefits and aspects, and then targeting the current V-Modell® XT/TFS implementation.

A more general article describing more of the Team Foundation benefits is available as MSDN Article.

And here you can see how the results look like:
CollabXT V-Modell® XT Generator

Instantiated V-Modell® XT in TFS

VModellXT WorkItems.jpg
V-Modell® XT Work Items in in TFS

V-Modell® XT Work Items in WebAccess

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